Chuck another snagger on the Reunion barbie!

The smell of death rang through my nostrils all evening as my carnivorous family dined on smoked and barbequed cow and other animal’s carcasses, while I quietly and daintily barbequed my vegetables.

It was the customary reunion dinner, but done Choong-style, is never according to Chinese customs! Last year we had a steamboat session, sometime back, we had a sake night, not forgetting a champagne night… this time, we had a barbeque!

While we usually have a long table dinner, this year we changed up the format to a more casual sit-anywhere-you-please manner, and al fresco! We moved our dining experience to the garden, under the stars and a very barren durian tree. Good emotions ran high after many beers went round, it was one unforgettable night! Especially with Uncle Sam’s anecdotes.

Here are the photos to show for it!

Very, very cruel family I have. The small BBQ stove is catered for the herbivore of the household!

The only Hoegaarden in the icebox! Dad got it for me birthday!

The men watching the women move.

Dad and his extreme love of crabs.

Late into the night, when we were dining by candle (tea) lights. Didn’t get a clearer shot, which is a shame.


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