Chinese New Year fireworks

Quite an absolute waste of money, and a disservice to tax payers and the environment. What extent the government would go to in order to raise citizen morale, when some very poor people could have a feast for a month if they received the cash value of 1 second of fireworks.

I captured this while at Overeasy when the clock struck midnight on Saturday. I was out celebrating a very sedate birthday. I made sure to send a text message to friends, deliberately not stating the occasion and thought it’d be interesting to see who remembered and showed up. I also disabled Facebook from revealing my birthday to take this “memory game” to another level. Why does everything have to be a social experiment with you, Olivia?

I also felt like it was emotional blackmail by saying “Hey it’s my birthday y’all! Come out tonight!!”. Of course they’d show up otherwise. However if they’d forgotten, I still have the right to exercise emotional blackmail, but on a greater scale… I’m accruing karma points! Who knows what I can spend it on? Perhaps I could trade them in for a mojito. For some I’d forgotten their last birthday, so the karma cost is absorbed.

For this year, I don’t really consider my birthday a massive deal. I just made sure that I spent it with the people that matter, like my family and friends, at my favourite places. There are a few people that I would have loved to see on the day, but I will catch them another time I suppose.

So it turned out to be a very cosy affair of three ladies, the same three who are headed to Bali in a few weeks – yay! – and will enjoy the company of Kuta Cowboys (or maybe it’ll just be me).

We headed to a very empty Butter Factory, but surprisingly, there were still some really good-looking people, although of a very young vintage! They made me want to blow the diamante whistle I was wearing!

No social intercourse tonight though, just a good time with the girls! It was adjourned for a weekend, and I will continue with extra zestiness this week!

I wonder if the end of the world would look like that also?

Pam, Brenda and I enjoying someone's reserved seating.

After a night of having my pupils dilate continually, it was time to say goodbye.

Goodnight, ladies!


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