I ♥ Wild Honey!

The Mexican breakfast!

It was my birthday yesterday, and so I caught up with Eve and Terence for a late lunch (of all day breakafast) at Wild Honey!  Zingy couldn’t make it at the last minute… poor girl was feeling under the weather. I miss her! 

Wild Honey serves all day breakfast from 14 places in the world, they include: NY, Belgium, Scandinavia, Yemen, California, Canada, Japan, Italy… you get the idea. So far, I’ve been there three times and have not been disappointed, and to put it crudely, I would liken it to a simultaneous orgasm going off in my mouth. I managed to find a photo of the Italian breakfast I had last month when I came here with Anty, but I don’t have one of the Yemeni breakfast I had when I visited the place with Linda. I’ll keep going back till I’ve tried all 7 of their vegetarian options!

Check it out at 333A Orchard Road, #03-02 Mandarin Gallery.

Also thought that I should mention how much I loooove Starbuck’s honey orange latte. Oh my God… so super yum! I tried it after going to Wild Honey.

Eve with her Tunisian breakfast.

Terence with his Canadian breakfast.

The Italian breakfast I tried when I went there with Anty.


4 thoughts on “I ♥ Wild Honey!

  1. Pearlin, omy I crave it every week!

    Hey “None”! Perhaps I did mean that he doesn’t fart!! Hahaa!! And yes, I should fire myself! Indeed Mr Savvy isn’t cutting the mustard!

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