Taxi driver me up the wall

I take taxis a fair bit. It’s one of my environmental guilts, and a band-aid solution to my impunctuality. I am seeking to change this!

With taxi drivers, I sometimes get nice ones, sometimes I get quiet ones, but in the last few days, I’ve had some pretty bad ones!

On Sunday, I caught up with Emilie briefly in Little India, but not before listening to a taxi driver’s diatribe about Indians. The ride ended with him undressing my body with his eyes and saying that I have a nice figure. He proceeded to give me a 40 cent discount. Ugh.

On the way back home, a seperate taxi driver also complimented me on my figure. What was I wearing? A non-revealing singlet and capri pants. So, no, I was not asking for it.

Monday’s cab ride was severely idiotic and counts as one of my top three most uncomfortable cab rides. This guy almost gave me an asthma attack. When I got in, this young Transcab driver was still blowing smoke out of his window. I made him wind down all the windows and drive because I hate the smell of lit cigararettes. After most of the smell was gone, we wound up the windows. I thought things would go normally from there.

He was about to spray cologne in the  cabin and I was like NOOOOOO!!!! STOPPP!!! ARRRRHHHH!!! It would have sent my lung cavity into overdrive. I was very relieved that I’d stopped him in time.

When we got on the highway, he began peeling a banana when driving at 90km/h. I was rather amused, at this point, and enjoyed the sweet banana fragrance fill the air. This was pretty shortlived because after 10 minutes, he reached for medicated oil and the vapours drowned my lungs and I found it difficult to breathe. Douchebag! I didn’t stop him in time. Should have taken down the details of the taxi driver. Ugh!!

Today, a cabbie took me on a joyride, and severely pissed me off to the point I had a headache. I said Old Airport Road, which is probably a $5 cabride away, and he took me to Airport Road saying that it was Old Airport Road, then drove around Kaki Bukit. The meter read $9.80, and he said he’d charge me $7. I bargained it to $6.50 but realised that I should have asked for $5. Wow, he’s such a douchebag!!!

These ones are up there with the taxi driver I had two years ago who propositioned me for sex, and slipped me his phone number. He wrote down his name as “Sinner”.

Perhaps these encounters are a sign that I should take more public transport!!!


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