Desperation of a bastard magnet

Today, I went to see a fortune teller that specifically advises on Chinese names. My friends had gone to Master Lin for a name consultation and seen impressive results. I just had to pay him a visit.

I was absolutely gutted when I heard that I would have terrible luck in this lifetime with men. The exact statistic? Out of 10, 9 of them would be the wrong fit. In particular, he said that “王巴蛋”s would appear all the time. He was dead on the money. I’ve always had bad luck in love. I had a physically-abusive boyfriend once, followed by an emotionally-abusive boyfriend, along with a string of men who’d taken me for granted.

For those who are not able to read Chinese, 王巴蛋 means bastard. The literal translation is turtle egg, and I am not too sure how it got to be known as bastard.

The solution? To change my name to avoid  having a lovelife the equivalent of a carcrash.

Did I do it? Sure thing!

If you wish to find out how auspicious (or not) your Chinese name is, look for Master Lin at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre (Block 51), on the second storey, where you will find a shop selling Buddha statues and scrolls.

It costs $10 for consultation, and $120 for Master Lin to write your new name on a scroll. I recommend taking the scroll because it really helps change your luck. Do ask Master Lin for more information.

Check it out! 


2 thoughts on “Desperation of a bastard magnet

  1. Hey Olivia,

    Is he really that good? He’s 5 min from my place and I’m keen to pay him a visit. Let me know the details of the consultation and how it’s benefited you?

    • Hi Mel,

      He’s pretty good, he read my friend’s mom very well.

      I think he’s right about the bad relationship karma! He’s not the first one to tell me that!!

      His name is Lin Shifu and you can call him at 90678295 to check when he’s free.

      Good luck!


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