Veggie Delite!

Wow. What a night! Veggie Singles Night really went off, and surpassed my expectations by far! There were several attractive men and women at the party, and I had a good time mingling with all of them.  

Towards the end of the night, many people said they’d enjoyed the event and asked if this was a monthly affair. I explained that this was a first time effort by Em and I and they said they’d enjoyed it and even asked when the next one is! I was super stoked! 

I guess Em and I will plan another one, perhaps much later in the year. 

Here are some photos of the event.
Veggie Singles Night was a success!

Me with the gorgeous Emilie O!

I heart Pammie!

Emilie O and I with some of the night’s prized catches!


2 thoughts on “Veggie Delite!

  1. i love what you do!
    i stumbled across your vibrate personality on razortv in a piece about being veg and must applaud your great contributions, esp as a fellow veg. VSN sounds like great success, hopefully i’ll make the next one.

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