Food is the binding agent behind relationships

Just under a week ago, a friend of mine found out about my vegetarianism and shared that his mom is also vegetarian. “That’s great,” I said, and asked if he is also vegetarian. He shook his head then told me the most unexpected thing. His parents had divorced because his non-vegetarian dad couldn’t stand it that his wife wasn’t cooking him meat dishes. Interesting.

For the longest time now, I’ve told my friends repeatedly I could never date a carnivore. How could I? It conflicts with my values of having a cruelty-free diet! But after developing some fond feelings for a voracious meat eater some weeks earlier, I was forced to re-look these guidelines I’d set for myself. I decided that perhaps I could date a meat-eater. I just couldn’t marry one, that’s all. And I’m too young to think about marriage, although many would not hesitate to disagree!

Another friend said to me recently that if a couple is not able to enjoy even a simple meal together, it’s not possible for that couple to be together. I think there is a lot of truth in that… speaking from experience here! And yes, it is even possible for vegetarians to disagree on food! Eating should never be a stressful affair!

My criteria for finding a partner is getting more and more strict. I currently have a 27-point list on hand, and it could grow some more. Being a Vegetarian/Environmentalist is one of them!

Where are you, mister? I’m keeping my eyes peeled for you! Will you come to Veggie Singles Night? 🙂


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