Knocking on Pandora’s door

Colour me indigo!

Watching Avatar was certainly a moving experience for me. It reminded me just how desperately we need to connect with nature, how unnatural city living is and how selfish and irresponsible mankind can be for the sake of money.

We are surrounded by so many corporations that are not exactly ethical in the way they do business. Take skincare companies for example, they include all sorts of irresponsible ingredients that have been linked to cancer or are known to be reproductive or endocrine disruptors. Watson’s, Guardian Pharmacy and the cosmetic departments of all shopping malls stock these products.  Check the toxicity of your skincare/cosmetics here. Even toothpaste is not immune to toxic chemicals.

Oil companies leave a trail of environmental destruction, as seen in The Age of Stupid, and pump carbon emissions into the atmosphere with their poisonous gas flaring activities. Shell has been doing so in Nigeria for years, as has Chevron. In the last 24 hours, the Federal Government of Nigeria has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with private oil companies to end gas flaring. See story here. Thank God for that. However this won’t take effect immediately. Chevron said in December that they are looking to end this in 15 months. What the hell?

Nature is so beautiful and I don’t see why we do not embrace it more. Instead we torture animals and the environment with desires for prosperity, a result of inhaling messages aggressively driven by corporations that will have us falsely believe in a heartbeat that consuming more will lead us closer to happiness. Things only have value because we give it value. Is a LV/Gucci bag really worth that much? Isn’t it just a lot of money to pay for lack of imagination, just to look like the next person on the street? I certainly wouldn’t want that after shelling upwards of $1,000 for a handbag.

On the weekend I watched Avatar twice, and imagined myself as part of the Na’vi people, which explains that image of me above. I just had to create a mock-up version through the McDonald’s site. I’m not fond of McDonald’s at all, but so far, they are the only people that offer the “Avatarize me” application. See the snarling version of me here. It’s in German because I found a German guy who had posted the application on his site and I didn’t bother finding an English version. YES! I am lazy!!!

If you haven’t already watched Avatar, I urge you to. At least do it for the breathtaking visuals!!

After watching Avatar, I’m convinced that I’ve been born on the wrong planet! Pandora is definitely my kind of place!

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