Orgosm and some social intercourse


Pam is back from her three-month adventure in Spain! We made sure to welcome her back in style, first stop was Orgo for drinks!

Jacq booked one of their private rooms, which can be likened to a free-standing glass box. The rest of the restaurant-bar is alfresco under the moonlight. Jacq’s always has her finger on the city pulse!

I had a pomelo martini with basil salt. It wasn’t too bad. The restaurant also serves vegetarian tapas, so I could most definitely dine there sometime. It is rather pricey though!

After spending a few hours chatting, we head to Clarke Quay for a spot of fun. Pam and Jessie had to stopover somewhere else first, so for now it was just five of us. Initially Jacq wanted to go to The Pump Room but I said “NO WAY”! After how they treated Leona in 2007, I swore never to go there again! I said to the rest that I’d rather go to Attica… and I’m not too fond of Attica, so you can imagine now much I hate The Pump Room! I cannot respect a place that does not respect human rights, and I vote with my wallet.

So Attica it was. Thank God Jacq could get us in free because I refuse to queue and pay good (and limited) money to get in. I figured it would probably be a good playground for social intercourse sessions, and kept an open mind all night long!

True enough! Some nerd made his way to the bar where all of us were standing, and kept smiling at me and behaving awkwardly. Gosh, knock it off, dude!!! That’s so uncool. When trying to get the attention of the bartender, I stepped on the railing under the bar, and my friends told me that he took the opportunity to check out my derrière! What the hell!?! We moved to another area once I paid, but not without some douchebag putting his hand out to each one of us to block our way because he thought it was funny.

The lameness factor soared when a local guy approached Brenda and attempted to break the ice with this question.

“What do you think of young girls with tattoos?”

Brenda chose to ignore this guy, naturally. It was hardly the time for survey questions.

Later on, while hanging with Chereen, a guy asked if we were waiting for our boyfriends, and if we were, he’d walk away. Chereen lied that we were, ha ha! At least this guy was straightforward with his approach. I can’t stand pick up lines, and if someone busts one on me at Veggie Singles Night, I will throw him out!!! Okay I won’t, but I will write him off.

We didn’t stay for long, since most of us had to go home, so Brenda and I went to Nectarie for supper. Pam and Jessie met us there and capped off the night with great conversation. Nectarie serves a lovely mushroom quiche by the way, do give it a try!

Pomelo Martini with Basil Salt.

All gone!

Brenda and I.

Chereen and I.


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