New Year, New Blog!

I’ve been using Blogger for the last three years and I think it is time to make a switch! Unfortunately, I’ve outgrown the childish polkadot theme and can’t find a layout that I like. WordPress offers a lot more, although the tedious process of uploading pics and videos irk me.

I suppose I go for more aesthetics (since I’m so shallow), and so I will take the extra time needed to make this blog look fetching!

This year, I will talk more about dating, since I have freshly been released on to the (vicious) market. Being single in my thirties is quite a different feeling, since I have many younger ladies (with a copius supply of eggs) to contend with. Lucky for me, I still look like I’m in my 20s… and younger when I don’t brush my hair and am dressed in a shabby oversized t-shirt and old shorts sporting a bare face. I should make this my uniform for the rest of the year. 2010 will be a very interesting year. I can already feel it in my creaky bones!

I shall leave you with this video featuring me, alongside Allan Lim and Linda Tom, on Channel NewsAsia’s Talking Point, in an episode about Singapore and the environment. Big thanks to Alpha Biofuels for uploading this on their website.


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